Compound W Wart Remover

Compound W is a wart remover, sold without a prescription. It is among the most effective over-the-counter wart removers on the market. It is necessary because sometimes warts do not disappear on their own. This can be embarrassing for some, especially if they are on a visible place. In some cases, warts do not require medical treatment.

HPV Warts appear on the outer layer of the skin. They are rough pinkish bumps, usually harmless, but they are contagious. Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and there are hundreds of HPV varieties, each one affecting a different body part. Genital warts are the most dangerous. When contracted by a woman, they grow inside the vagina and, if left untreated, they cause cervical cancer. In this case, one needs surgery and has their cervix removed. If the cancer has spread, the whole uterus is removed and they cannot have children.

All types of warts are very easy to catch – you can contract the virus by just touching the same object as someone with warts. This won’t develop in all people, however, because all immune systems are different.

What Types of Warts to Treat with Compound W

Compound W treats common and plantar warts. These warts do not cause cancer. Up to 10 percent of the population has them. Children have a greater likelihood of developing them because their immune system is weaker. Infections can occur even if the skin is not damaged in any way, but a previous scar like a paper cut increases the probability of contracting the virus.

Of the varieties treated with Compound W, common warts have a rough surface, while plantar warts develop on the feet, as the name suggests. They are tender and change the normal skin pattern on the affected area. Because of the pressure on the soles when you walk, plantar warts get flat and painful. They look a lot like calluses and are usually not above the surface of the skin.

Compound W does not treat flat warts. These are smaller warts, usually appearing on the face and legs. They are generally smoother than the other kinds.

Active Ingredients in Compound W

The active ingredient in Compound W is salicylic acid, comprising 17 percent of the compound. Its name comes from salix, which means willow tree, as this phenolic acid is obtained from the bark of willow trees. It is also found in plants. The compound facilitates plant growth, ion uptake and photosynthesis. It causes changes in leaf structure, and is chemically similar to a substance found in aspirin. It is also well known for its efficient role in the treatment of acne. This acid penetrates and exfoliates the skin. In other words, it strips the outer layer of the skin.

Compound W and Its Varieties

Compound W is available in liquid, gel, pads and Freeze Off.


compound w liquide


Compound w gel

Compound W liquid and Compound W gel are applied 1-2 times per day for a period ranging from several weeks to several months.

Compound W one step pads

The pads are stuck to the skin over the wart.


The applicator is cooled to -55 degrees Celsius. The ingredients of Freeze Off are not disclosed.

There are special wart remover pads for kids. They feature bright designs and colors to attract children’s attention. The pad looks like a colorful bandage covering the wart, which appeals to children, so they do not take it off. The gel and pads both use a no-drip gel and a multifunctional treatment pad. The gel is thick and easy to apply. The adhesive pads stick to the wart and provide treatment while protecting the skin around it.

Detailed Instructions on How to Use Compound W

Now, here are some more detailed instructions on how to use this product. The liquid is equipped with an easy-to-use brush applicator. If you are using the liquid Compound W, you must first wash the wart and the surrounding area. If it is on your foot, you can soak it in warm water for several minutes. Dry the area after that. Cover each wart with the applicator, let it dry, and then do the same thing again once or twice a day. The wart will disappear within three months at the latest.

The pad comes with a waterproof cushion, an additional cushion for more comfort, and strong medication. With pads, the procedure is the same, except that you stick the pad on the wart after removing it from the backing paper by pulling from its center. This is done until the wart has been removed. The frequency is once every 48 hours. Again, you will see results in up to three months.

The most efficient Compound W variety is the Freeze Off. This is a truly medical innovation. For years, this procedure could be performed only in the doctor’s office. Now, it can also be done by a non-professional from home. With this product, you press it on the wart for around forty seconds. In two weeks the wart falls off. The wart usually falls off in two weeks after applying a cooled applicator to the wart for forty seconds only once. New skin grows in its place.


Do not apply this substance more often than indicated. If you miss applying it, make sure you don’t keep missing. Do not use it longer than prescribed. When you use it, try not to get it on healthy skin around the wart because it makes it crust and then it starts peeling. A major downside of the Compound W liquid is the smell – it is quite strong.

When Not to Use Compound W

Never use Compound W if you have skin cancer, kidney disease, poor blood circulation, liver disease, or are diabetic, pregnant, or under 18. The kid’s variety is an exception. The rest of the products have not been tested on children. Never use it on your face, penis, vagina, mouth, nose, or anus. It could cause permanent scarring or burns on these delicate areas. Do not apply to itchy, irritated, or swollen skin or open wounds. Do not apply the wart remover on birthmarks, moles, or hairy warts.

Compound W Skin Tag Remover

Almost 50 percent of the adult population experiences skin tags at least once in its lifetime. Skin tags are benign skin growths. They are fleshy, soft limps of tissue on the surface of the skin. They are the color of flesh, painless, easy to move, soft, and stick out from the skin. If the color is markedly different from that of your skin or the form is hard, bleeding or hairy, then it is not a skin tag.

The Compound W Skin Tag Remover is the first product of this kind you can use at home.The Tag Target skin protector isolates the skin tag and the Target sticks to the intact skin around it, making it easy to affect just the tag with the applicator. Again, this product is based on the freezing technology. Usually it takes just one application to get rid of the skin tag. If it is not gone after three, you should contact a physician. You might have a more serious condition, and it would be unwise to delay proper treatment. See a doctor if the treated area is painful or swollen or if it hurts or stings more than 24 hours after use. Do not use the product at all if you are not sure that what you have is a skin tag.

Things to Avoid with the Tag Remover Spray

Avoid applying Compound W products on your eyes and face. You could go blind. If you get them in your eye accidentally, rinse with water and get medical help immediately. If the substance gets on your hands, wash them. It could burn or scar. Do not breathe in the skin tag remover spray, as this could damage your lungs. Keep away from temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, do not smoke when you are using it, and do not burn or cut the can even if it is empty. Store it at room temperature.

Preventing Reoccurrence after Treatment

Of course, having access to the product is not everything. There are ways you can keep warts from coming back after Compound W has made them go away. You cannot avoid any and all contact with the human papillomavirus, but you can take certain precautions nonetheless. Try to keep from biting your nails. This way, you can ingest germs and your skin is more likely to get infected. Do not neglect your skin if is dry or cracked – get some moisturizer. Never share towels or bathrobes. Wash your hands as frequently as possible, but respect the fine line between this and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Moisturize your hands and point out to your and other children how important this is repeatedly. Never walk around barefoot in locker rooms, showers or swimming pool decks and get flip-flops or sandals to protect your feet from contact with the virus. Warts are especially likely to develop on the bottom of your feet and can cause excruciating pain. Finally, you must use foot powders to make sure your feet are dry. You can also line your shoes with special inside layers to keep your feet from sweating.

The Producer of Compound W

Compound W is manufactured by the Prestige Brands Corporation. This enterprise also produces household cleaning items and personal care products. Prestige Brands assure that all their products are safe and pharmacist-recommended.

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