Penile Warts

Warts on the penis or penile warts are similar to those elsewhere on the body.  However, they are usually a sign or an early symptom of cancer or a sexually transmitted disease like syphilis.  Warts are small formations that occur with long-standing viral infections, developing on the skin and sometimes in the genital area as well.  A lump on the skin is produced when a virus attacks and invades the skin cells that cause them to multiply rapidly.  For common warts, there is no serious health risks associated with them.  It is usually when the warts appear in the genital area that the matter should be taken seriously. Then, consulting a physician is not only recommended but required.


When someone has been diagnosed with penile warts, it is prudent that he should follow the physician’s instructions exactly.  Never treat penile warts with over-the-counter prescription drugs used on common warts. The skin of the penis is very sensitive and can be easily damaged by the powerful chemicals present in common wart medications.  Penile warts are also contagious; so, if one is not aware of having them before consulting with a physician, the sexual partner might have been infected as well.  Both partners should be treated successfully or the virus will be passed back and forth indefinitely.  If one has multiple partners, then they should consult with a physician as well and have them treated accordingly to prevent contracting of the virus.  In severe cases, penile warts can lead to cancer and may require more than just treatment – oftentimes, surgery.  These treatments may be effective in the long run but are very expensive and may require some maintenance afterwards.


The best prevention anyone can think of is to develop good hygiene habits.  The washing of hands and around the genital area before and after sexual intercourse will help prevent the virus from entering the system and infecting the body.  If a person has been diagnosed with penile warts, it is best to abstain from sexual intercourse until he has been treated successfully.  That is even more so if a person engages in sexual intercourse with multiple partners.  Using a condom or creams may help prevent the onset of the viral infection, but it is not a guarantee that will stop it completely.  When a penile wart is linked to a sexually transmitted disease, there are vaccines available for the particular STD infection.  However, it is more effective to inject the vaccine before engaging in sexual activity as a preventive measure against contracting the virus.  Not all vaccines can stop the viruses completely; so, it’s better to treat the penile warts instead as to prevent further infection to other people.

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