Male Genital Warts

Male genital warts appear as a result of infection with human papillomavirus. The body of literature related to this sexually transmitted disease is mostly focused on women, but the disease also causes health issues in men. For this reason, it is important that men gain some knowledge and understanding of the disease as to reduce the chances of contracting it.

Almost half of the total number of men is sexually active. This figure suggests that the chances of contracting male genital warts are not small. However, no symptoms show in some men who are infected.  While some individuals may not have any symptoms, they may still spread the virus to their sexual partners.

The Risks

There are about 30 different types of HPV that cause cancer in the area of the genitals and the anus. Although cancer develops in rare cases, such has been documented. It is most important to take care of immune system and strengthen it as to prevent the virus from infecting the body. According to research, the risk of having anal cancer is considerably higher in bisexual or gay men, compared to straight males. Anal sex is one of the causes for this type of cancer. Although anal cancer is indeed rare, genital warts are not.


The symptoms of male genital warts will vary from person to person. The most obvious sign is the growth of warts on the penis or around it. Sometimes, warts may grow in the rectal area and even in the mouth, especially when a person is having oral sex. Other symptoms include pain in the affected area as well as unusual moisture in the same. The penis and the area around it may also feel itchy. Although genital warts may grow in some people, they may not experience any of the other symptoms. However, the opposite is also true. Warts won’t grow in some individuals, but they may experience a combination of the other symptoms. In some cases, men who are infected with HPV do not develop any of the above symptoms. Nevertheless, it may take some time before the virus leaves the body of the infected person; therefore, one can still spread it to other sexual partners.


It is the doctor’s task to diagnose genital warts in males. The genital area will be checked for some indicators of abnormal growth. Sometimes, doctors use vinegar to reveal hidden warts that are not easily visible to the naked eye.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for the virus. Only the symptoms can be treated with the help of drugs. Sometimes, the virus can get flushed and fought by the immune system, but there is no a guarantee it will be eliminated in full. Some people may still have the virus inside their systems, even after several years. The best cure for male genital warts is to ensure that your immune system remains strong as to flush any of the viruses still present in the body.

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