Warts on Lips: Characteristics and Treatment

HPV warts do not grow on the feet and hands only but can develop on the lips as well, occurring even inside the oral cavity. Most often, single warts grow on the lips, and they can be observed near the mouth corners. Large bumps can develop due to severe viral infection. Most often, warts on lips are not painful, but the consumption of some drinks and beverages (e.g. cold drinks and tea) can act to irritate them.

Warts in the lip area are difficult to conceal and hence, they are embarrassing. Because they grow on the mouth corners, warts can totally alter the appearance of the mouth. The good news is that these warts are harmless, although appearing like skin blemishes build out of benign tissue.

Treatment options

Still, lip warts are unsightly and many seek to get rid of them. One point to remember is that warts in the lip area are very close to the mouth and eyes, and using over-the-counter products is not recommended. One obvious way to deal with warts is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. Explain what type of warts you have so that your doctor can suggest treatment alternatives. Given that the growths are close to your mouth, you will most likely be offered an in-office treatment.

One treatment method is known as cryotherapy. It is an in-office procedure through which your doctor will freeze the wart or warts with liquid nitrogen. In some cases, warts require multiple treatment sessions before they disappear completely. Some warts are resistant to this method, and surgery may be required.

Electrocautery and laser incision are two other methods for warts’ removal. They are also in-office treatment types, ensuring complete removal of warts. At the same time, the underlying tissue may be damaged, with this resulting in scars forming.

The type of treatment your doctor will recommend depends on the size of your wart. Cryotherapy and laser incision are not always required. Your doctor may suggest other more basic treatments, including removal with scissors or a scalpel.

Warts do not require treatment in all cases. The viral infection can vanish within a couple of days on its own. Whether or not warts on lips require treatment depends on the warts and the severity of the skin infection. One important thing to remember is that pricking lip warts should be avoided and is certainly not a way to eliminate warts.

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